As you may have noticed in a recent teardown, Google's launcher shortcuts are most likely returning in Android 7.1 with the Pixel Launcher. This feature was part of the Nougat developer preview some months ago, but wasn't implemented in the final release. Now, an improved version is on the way, and Action Launcher continues its tradition of adding all the Pixel Launcher things before the Pixel Launcher even exists.

The version of launcher shortcuts in Action Launcher are called Quickcuts, because all the other headlining features are Quick-something. Apps that include this feature will (mostly) work automatically. You can swipe on supported icons to see the shortcuts, then tap to launch. Alternatively, you can just continue dragging to one of the shortcuts to activate it in a single gesture.

There are some caveats here. While Quickcuts work on pre-7.1 (we assume 7.1 is a thing) devices, you will need to be running 5.1 or higher at least. Also, some of Google's apps don't currently make their actions available to third-party apps, so they won't work right now (Maps and Chrome are in this group). Developer Chris Lacy has hard-coded a few useful shortcuts for popular apps like Twitter and YouTube, though. The app is just starting to roll out now, so it might be a little bit before it's fully available.

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Action Launcher
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