Those of you with a newer Samsung phone might want to take a peek at the battery usage today. Many users are reporting substantial battery drain after an update to the Oculus VR app. The only fix right now appears to be completely uninstalling the app.

Users are reporting the CPU in their phones is staying cranked up, preventing the device from going to sleep. This really burns through the battery. One post says the Galaxy S7 lost 70% of its juice in three hours. Oculus VR is the app that runs your Gear VR UI, so you won't be able to use the headset while this app is uninstalled.

Apparently, the problem is with a new part of Oculus VR known as Oculus Rooms. The Oculus VR app is getting stuck in an installation loop where it continuously downloads and reinstalls this app. You'll be able to reinstall Oculus VR once a hotfix rolls out to everyone, but removing the app is probably your best course of action right now.

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