We all have our own unique ways to read the news. Some like RSS apps. Some like Flipboard, or Yahoo News Digest. Others prefer to read the news direct on the website. There's yet another solution now: News Pro is a new app from Microsoft Garage, a department of the software giant that seems to have an unlimited stream of Android apps, and it aims to center the news around you and your profile, finding content that'll interest you.

By logging in with social network profiles (Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, alongside the customary email, are the options) News Pro will show relevant content that it thinks you'll like. I logged in with Twitter. I'm currently getting news about the US presidential election, which sort of interests me (I'm in the UK), what I would call American Football news, and what you Americans would call soccer news. These last two especially do not really interest me at all. Other topics include the war in Syria, the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and an item about the Samsung Note7 explosions and resulting fallout (which, unsurprisingly, does interest me). So it seems News Pro is not bad at finding news that may interest you, but it's not particularly great at it either.

newspro3 newspro2 newspro1

Left: a particularly tacky shot from the Play Store that needed calling out. Middle: search Activity. Right: main news feed.

Sadly, the news articles are just links that open the site in a WebView - no cool refactoring of content, like in Flipboard. The app also isn't material - it uses a pseudo-app bar, and seemingly non-standard Settings and Search screens. This is only v1.0, though, so maybe it'll improve in the future. I got an update, v1.1, just before publishing this, although there's no changelog and it's not clear what's been updated. News Pro is available to download on the Play Store, if you're interested in a somewhat-personalized news reading experience.