When I reviewed the Withings Body Cardio scale just this past Saturday, I came away impressed by most things it could do, but rather let down by its price. At $179.95, I didn't think there were enough reasons to get the Body Cardio instead of the regular Body scale, which cost $129.95. I found the heart rate monitoring rather pointless while standing up and the Pulse Wave Velocity measure an interesting feature but with limited usefulness and accuracy.

My last sentences of the post were, and I quote, "Withings smart scales do drop their prices sometimes, so if you happen to find the Body Cardio around the same price as the regular Body, go for it. Otherwise, I say save $50 and get the Body instead." Well, lo-and-behold, we didn't have to wait long for that to happen.

As part of Amazon's Deal of the Day, the Withings Body Cardio is down 25% to $134.96 today, effectively $5 more than the regular Body. If you were on the fence about either, this is a good opportunity to get the more capable scale for lesser dough. Even if you're not interested in the heart metrics, the Body Cardio does provide a rechargeable battery that lasts about a year while the Body uses AA batteries, and it can be placed on carpets and hard floors whereas the Body is designed for the latter only.

If you need to know more about the Body Cardio, you can read my very long and detailed review, but the headlines are beautiful and sturdy design, Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity, multiple users, well-designed app, IFTTT and Google Fit integration, accuracy, and simplicity coupled with reliability.

The sale lasts today only, and there are around 22 hours at the time of writing. Shipping is free with Amazon Prime.

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