Just last week, we featured a deal for the smaller 1.45" ZenWatch 2 with a metal band. Now, we're back with another ASUS smartwatch offer; Amazon and B&H are both offering the 1.63" ZenWatch 2 with HyperCharge for just $119. Not only is this a larger, slightly newer model, but it's also $10 less than the deal from last week.

$119 is an extremely small price to pay for a watch that has specs this modern. Like the current Android Wear boss, the Huawei Watch, this ZenWatch 2 sports an AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 400, half a gig of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, IP67 water resistance, and a speaker. In addition, this version comes with HyperCharge, which is an ASUS-exclusive quick charge method that allows the ZenWatch 2 to charge from 0 to 60% in just 15 minutes. Considering how rapidly non-quick charge-equipped Android Wear devices top up their batteries already, this could either be considered extremely impressive or quite useless.

If you're interested, you can purchase one from either Amazon or B&H. Only the model with a brown rubber strap is available at $119 from both retailers. If you grab this from Amazon, you can get free one-day shipping if you're a Prime member, but if you buy it from B&H, you have the option of walking into their New York location and buying it in person (although you will have to pay NY sales tax). Decisions, decisions.

ASUS's website is also offering the watch at the same price.