Owners of the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge on T-Mobile aren't getting Nougat yet, but at least they aren't being left completely out of the update fun. An OTA is rolling out to both phones that includes newer security patches, Samsung's own online backup system, and a myriad of little tweaks.

T-Mobile has not published a full change log for G935TUVU4APIA (GS7 Edge) or G930TUVU4APIA (GS7), but here's what we've spotted so far.

  • Security updates
  • Time/date update (according to Tmo, unclear what this means)
  • Redesigned gallery app
  • Samsung Cloud

The security patch level has been boosted to September 1st, which is the most recent as of now. The new gallery app organizes your photos into tabs rather than using the drop down menu. As for Samsung Cloud, it's supposed to be a backup and restore system. It can save your contacts, memos, keyboard data, photos, and so on. It can also back up and restore your home screen layout. This, of course, requires that you use Samsung's stock apps to generate or manage that data. It comes with 15GB of free storage.

screenshot_20160927-115655 screenshot_20160927-123010_1024 screenshot_20160927-123334_1024

The update should be available right now if you check on your device. The download is about 350MB in size.