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John Reddersen

The Braven BRV XXL is the largest, loudest, heaviest, and most rugged speaker I've ever tested. It's so powerful that it literally shakes my house when played at full volume. Of all the gadgets I've used over the years, it is perhaps one of the least practical, but that doesn't change the fact that I absolutely love it.

My favorite prank lately is to hide it behind a couch and place a small speaker, like the JBL Clip 2, on the seat at the front. When I have friends or family over, I tell them they won't believe the sound such a small speaker can produce. I pretend to turn on the Clip, but in reality I connect to the BRV XXL with my phone.

I begin playing the song Crystallize, by Lindsey Stirling, at about 10 percent volume. They feign interest, but I can tell they aren't that impressed. I crank the volume up gradually to 50 percent over the first minute of the song. Now, I have their attention, and they start to gape at the Clip 2 and make a few comments about how amazing the sound is for such a small device.

At 1:09 into the song a transition occurs dropping a sick blaring bass note. Just a second or two before that, I crank the volume to max on my phone and then I stand back and laugh as I watch my guests jaws drop to the floor and their minds explode. The floor trembles and dishes rattle as the speaker assaults the room with deep, rich, powerful sound. Just before they pass out in shock, I pull the Braven BRV XXL out from behind the chair and show them the true star of the show. Then they usually ask where they can buy one (right after they finish pelting me with pillows and insults).


Man, you have no idea how much fun I've had with that little trick. In a few days time, one of you lucky readers will be able to pull this prank on your own friends, because Braven has partnered with us to give away one of its BRV XXL speakers. That's a $350 prize, and winning one will definitely put a smile on your face. Using it to blow your friends minds will make you even happier. Follow the instructions in the widget below to enter to win. The contest runs until September 28th at 11:59PST. Best of luck!

Please note this contest is open only to entrants in the United States.

Braven BRV XXL Giveaway