Yahoo is having a rough week in terms of security. It's probably just a coincidence that a considerable update for the official Yahoo Mail app comes days after one of the biggest password leaks ever. Even so, it's nice to get official support for something like Google's Fingerprint API. That, among other new goodies, is waiting inside the latest Mail update in the Play Store. On my Nexus 6, it's version 5.9.1.

The Fingerprint API is what's used in the Nexus 6P and 5X, and presumably upcoming Pixel-branded phones, plus any Android device with a fingerprint reader that doesn't implement its own custom security API. (Like Samsung - which might be supported too, but since my exploderific Note 7 was returned, I can't test it.) The update allows users to input either a fingerprint or a custom, app-specific password to access account changes and the app itself, both of which are optional. Other additions since the last major update include the ability to edit account information from the app (instead of Android's Accounts menu), and a quicker way to modify contact info.

There's also a new preview feature that can show some links and videos in the app itself, without popping out to a browser or YouTube. For some reason those aren't showing up in my Yahoo Mail app, but then I haven't actually used the service in the better part of a decade, and don't have any recent messages to check it against.

Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
Yahoo Mail – Organized Email
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