At this year's I/O, Google announced Daydream, a VR platform for phones and the headsets that go with them. We expect Google to reveal its in-house design for a Daydream VR viewer device on October 4th.

Google made a beta version of the VR SDK available at I/O. Leading up to this big unveil, the company is now bringing that developer kit out of beta. Google VR SDK 1.0 is available for download from the Daydream developer site.

The SDK gives developers the tools to create mobile VR applications. Google says there's support for integrated asynchronous reprojection (for your eyes), high fidelity spatialized audio (for your ears), and interacting with the Daydream controller (for your hands). The announcement post goes on to highlight native Unity and UE4 integration, which both enable developers to create 3D worlds that you will soon get to see up close.

You can try out the experience today using a Nexus 6P, a second phone running KitKat or higher, and Google Cardboard.