Speaking to Android Police, two sources claim that Google will announce its Google Home and the 4K 'Chromecast Ultra' devices will be priced at $129 and $69, respectively, at its October 4th event.

Google Home was announced at Google I/O in May. Our sources also confirmed that the personalized base covers Google showed at I/O will be a feature of the final device. The $129 price point for Google Home matches that of the previously-unrumored Google Wifi, a router that will allegedly be able to create a single, large wireless network using multiple access points. $129 also undercuts Amazon's Echo by a full $40, and though it matches the price of the portable Amazon Tap, it's clear Google has Amazon's flagship smart home product in its sights with Home. As far as Home features, we don't have anything new to report at this time, just the price.

Chromecast Ultra, which we are now all but certain is the name of Google's upcoming 4K version of Chromecast, will come in at $69 retail. That means it will be double the price of the existing Chromecast 2015. Now, you may say "that's expensive!" And for a Chromecast, it certainly is. As far as what it brings beyond 4K, one of our sources claims that HDR is indeed on the list of bullet points. Unfortunately, we don't really have anything else as far as expanded feature set might be concerned. And remember: it's almost certainly a given that the standard full HD Chromecast will remain on sale after the Ultra is released, because 4K penetration, though growing, still is far from ubiquitous. Now, why you'd want a 4K Chromecast over, say, Xiaomi's upcoming Mi Box Android TV? We'll probably have to wait a bit for that debate to be settled.

We rate our confidence in this rumor as a 9 out of 10. The price points have been corroborated independently by two sources. We subtract a point, as usual, because it's always possible product announcement plans or prices can change - nothing is truly, completely certain until it is announced. But we don't have long to wait: October 4th is just around the corner.