[Not Allo] If you want Allo, this is what you're looking for: one, two, three.

With that out of our system, WhatsApp's latest beta v 2.16.274 has implemented one change we were all probably not looking forward to all that much. Just like the web app a couple of days ago, WhatsApp now uses new emojis throughout its whole interface. They are, predictively, the same ones that Apple has introduced in iOS 10 with their more 3D-looking designs.


It's not just the design though that's different. There is more gender choice for some emojis, like the policeman who now has a police woman, the running boy who gets a running girl, lots of new family emojis to show single and LGBT parents, and various sports emojis that are now available in both male and female flavor.

whatsapp-new-ios-emoji-2 whatsapp-new-ios-emoji-3

Oh and yeah, there's the water gun now.


Keep in mind that WhatsApp always has and probably always will override whatever emoji font your device is currently using, so even if you use the Google keyboard or Samsung keyboard to insert an emoji, you will get WhatsApp's equivalent one in the chat. The reason is probably to keep WhatsApp's experience and conversation uniform across platforms especially since different emoji fonts can sometimes convey different expressions or ideas.

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