If you drive a car and have a phone, you've probably got a car charger somewhere - they're very useful for a top-up of juice or if you use the phone for navigation or music while driving. Presumably, Google's realised the same thing, as it's added a Belkin car charger to the store.

The charger, which was announced a few months ago, is 27W - this means it can charge up to 70% faster. Like the charger that comes in the 6P or 5X box, it supports USB Power Delivery. It can also charge laptops or tablets, such as the Chromebook Pixel or the Pixel C, faster than lower wattage chargers can. All sounds good, right? Here's the catch: it costs $44.99. Yeah. It's a lot, especially for a car charger. Weirdly, even though Belkin's RRP is $44.99, Verizon is selling it at $39.99.

There's a 15W car charger on the Store, also from Belkin, but at the moment it's listed as 'out of stock.' This also only comes with a USB C-A cable, while the 27W charger has a USB-C to C cable.

The charger is available on the Google Store now for $44.99, but if you want to pay $5 less you can get it from Verizon with free shipping. Just don't tell Belkin.