We're in a bit of a dry spell for Android Wear releases, so this might be the perfect time to pick up a refurbished last gen watch on the cheap. Daily Steals has the 2nd gen Moto 360 on sale for a mere $154.99. It's refurbished, but Motorola does still sell this version of the device for $350. This is US only, though.

The 46mm 360 is the larger of the two versions of this device. The 42mm was a bit cheaper, but it appears to be unavailable from Motorola anymore. This is a refurbished device, so there may be some minor cosmetic damage, and the accessories will be generic instead of official. The listing says you'll get a wireless charging cradle of some sort with it, and the 360 does support standard Qi technology. Presumably this will be fine.

You have your choice of silver or gold versions of the watch with a brown leather band. Daily Steals will try to push a warranty on you, but standard shipping is free. The deal is valid today only.