If you don't subscribe to a cable or satellite provider, your options for all of these new streaming apps seem to shrink fairly quickly. There are more and more channel apps coming in for Android TV, but most of them assume that you already pay for premium TV somewhere else. CNN is offering an alternative, and if it's not ideal, then at least it's there. CNNgo doesn't want any of your money, it just wants to show you the news. And also some ads. But mostly news.

CNNgo uses Android TV's grid-based, easy-to-browse interface guidelines to deliver a huge amount of news stories right away. Most of them are under three minutes long, many without an anchor or narrator, and all are automatically transitioned into video playlists for related stories. The videos are broken down into a few breaking categories and CNN's anchored shows (though those are further down the lists), then the usual divisions for US news, international, tech, entertainment, et cetera. The app integrates well with Android TV's Leanback launcher, including support for background video. 


There's no live feed to be had, so up-to-the-minute breaking videos really aren't part of the app, and the short runtime doesn't offer any depth for complex issues. But if you're looking for something quick and easy to browse through for news on your television, CNNgo is worth a look.

Developer: CNN
Price: Free