There is no shortage of WiFi-capable wireless security cameras on the market today. The Canary Flex is another entry, but with a few tricks that help it stand out from the crowd. First off, the design marks a strong resemblance to GlaDOS, and is available in white or black colors.

Inside the main unit is a 720p camera (actually 1080p, but downgraded for smoother streaming), a high-quality microphone, a 116° wide-angle lens, and dual-band WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy support. There is also a speaker for two-way communication, but that feature will come in a future software update.

The camera supports temperatures between 14° – 113°F, or -10° – 45°C for you metric system users out there. This, combined with the long-life battery and waterproof design, makes the Canary Flex an excellent camera for both indoor and outdoor use. If you don't want to be bothered to recharge the camera every few months, all mounts support a normal power connection.

Speaking of which, the mounts are really neat. Magnets allow you to simply stick the camera to any of the available mounts at any angle you desire. Verizon has developed a 4G LTE Mount for the Canary Flex, which allows the device to use Verizon's 4G LTE network. However, pricing and availability for the 4G mount has not yet been announced.

And since this is Android Police after all, there is obviously an Android app to control the camera. The Canary Flex is currently available on pre-order for $199 USD, with an expected ship date of November.