We get tips on an almost daily basis that purport to show an unannounced device popping up in a commercial or marketing material. These never turn out to be legit... except maybe this time. A Nest commercial aired in the Netherlands features a phone that looks a whole hell of a lot like the upcoming Google Pixel. This is a first for us.

In the ad, a woman is holding a phone with a very distinctive back (left above). From what we understand, the aluminum color Pixel phones will have white glass panels on the back top and a white front. Just the edges and bottom section of the back will be outwardly aluminum. The back of the phone in the ad looks like you'd expect from the aluminum Pixel—aluminum on the bottom and white glass on the top. The front of the phone shows up in another scene (above right), and yes, it's white. You can see the ad below.

We can't say for sure this is actually a Pixel. The sensors are in the right place, and the general design is obviously right. However, odds are this is a dummy phone that's supposed to look like the real device (this is just a commercial, after all). It seems a little chunky, but the real phone will probably look much more refined.

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