There are a ton of Bluetooth speakers on the market these days, but it's hard to find one as well-rounded as Logitech's Ultimate Ears (UE) Boom 2. Not only does it look nice, but it also sounds great, is water resistant, and has a very long wireless range. Now, the price is awesome too. For just $149.99, you can pick one of these bad boys up from Amazon in any color you'd like.

We saw the UE Boom 2 at this price a few months ago, but haven't seen it this low since. It's very highly rated on Amazon, so clearly the 360 degree sound, IPX7 water resistance, and 15 hour battery life are working out for customers.

If you want one, you can have it in an assortment of oddly-named colors - BrainFreeze Edition (blue), Cherrybomb Edition (red), Green Machine Edition (green/blue), Phantom Edition (black), Tropical Edition (orange/purple), and Yeti Edition (white). Personally, I'd go for the Yeti Edition, but it's your choice. Hit the source link for the Amazon listing.