Google for Work, also commonly known as Google Apps, is a service available to businesses on a subscription model from Google. As you might figure out from the name, it allows companies to create and manage accounts that can use Gmail, Google Calendar, Hangouts, Google Drive, and other related services. As a matter of fact, everyone at Android Police has a Google for Work account.

The Information reports that Google is discontinuing the use of the 'Google for Work' brand, and replacing it with 'Google Cloud.' One of their sources, someone who was briefed on the change, said "The name change is Google’s way of saying, ‘We have the best cloud platform, period.'" The Information believes they will formally announce the name on September 29. No changes for the service itself have been announced, just the name change.

I personally think the new name is a bit silly. When you hear 'Google for Work,' even if you weren't familiar with the service before, you can easily assume it has something to do with businesses using Google. Google Cloud sounds like a Google-owned weather station, or perhaps Google's secret flying city along the lines of Columbia.

But, as the old saying goes, "There is no cloud, it's just someone else's computer."