Pushbullet, despite some unpopular pricing changes, still remains one of my favorite Android applications. I use it every day on multiple devices, but Mac owners haven't been lucky enough to receive an official client. Your only choices until recently have been to use the Chrome extension (which requires Chrome to always run in the background) or a paid third-party client called PushPal.

There's still not an official client for macOS, but Noti was released recently. Noti is a free and open-source Pushbullet client, designed specifically for macOS. You can respond and take action on notifications, just like with the Chrome extension, but Noti uses the macOS Notification Center instead of the ugly Chrome notifications.

The only catch is that Noti doesn't have all of Pushbullet's features yet. There's no conversation interface, and no support for file uploads, but I imagine they are being worked on. In the meantime, this is a solid Pushbullet client for Mac, especially for the low price of free.