In case you somehow haven't heard, the just-officially recalled Galaxy Note7 has been having some battery troubles - troubles that are leading to people and things getting burned. To differentiate the explosion-prone and revised Note7s, the Korean company is changing the color of the battery indicator in the status bar from white to green.

Samsung has already said that it will include blue "S" stickers on the boxes of revised models; however, since people don't carry retail boxes with them everywhere they go (in fact, most people probably throw them out), that won't really make airport workers less scared of you.

Although I understand it is necessary to make it clear that the revised Note7s are not the recalled models for safety reasons (at airports, mainly), I can't help but think that Samsung could have gone with a more aesthetically pleasing route. Granted, as an enthusiast, I am probably pickier than the average consumer. For instance, I think that the Note7 is uglier than the S7 edge because of the more crammed positioning of the Samsung logo on the front. (Anyone else?)

Samsung has confirmed the battery color change is real.