Google sells fiber Internet access and television service through the Google Fiber brand. Yeah, you might have forgotten that, since the rollout process is about as fast as continental drift, and even if you live in the US odds are overwhelming that you don't have access to it. Google also makes set-top box software called Android TV... which you might also have forgotten, since it's still pretty limited in terms of actual users. Fiber started in 2012, with Android TV starting in 2014, so they've never been running the same software, but they're getting a little closer now.

SmartSearch_TV (1)

The official Google Fiber blog is showing off some new interface designs for the Fiber DVR that subscribers are given upon signing up. The new UI shares a lot of the big, eye-friendly tiles and menus seen in later versions of Android TV. The new Recommended page in particular, which apes the recommendation features that DVRs like TiVo have had for years, looks more or less identical to the Android TV home page. The Fiber DVR can already act as a Chromecast receiver. Of course the big difference is that Android TV is rather ill-equipped for live TV, at least without add-ons like the HDHomeRun.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 8.35.18 AM

Google says that new customers will have access to the latest version of the Fiber DVR immediately, while current customers should see the upgrade sometime in the next few weeks.