Bohemian Rhapsody is, all told, a pretty cool song, so it only seems fitting it gets a VR experience recognizing its legendary status in music history. Google's released an app that's been developed in cooperation with Queen - that's Brian May and Roger Taylor, out of the four original members - and, as with many things Queen do, it's great.

A VR experience for one of the greatest songs ever written sounds a little gimmicky, and maybe it is. But it's a good way of ensuring the song's legacy and introducing it to a new generation of fans who may have only heard it through their parents. Cardboard can be used to view the performance, or it can be viewed as a 360° video - it's up to you. It's an animation, so don't go thinking you'll be able to watch a Queen performance with Freddie (Mercury) as if you were there, but nonetheless the animation has been well-crafted by Google and Queen.

The app is available on Google Play now, and for any iOS users who have somehow stumbled upon this post, it's 'coming soon' to the App Store.