About three weeks ago, we reported that Google Duo had reached 5 million downloads on Android in the week or so that it had been officially released. Now, Google's new video chatting app has hit a whopping 10 million downloads. That's certainly impressive for a month-old app, but less healthy-looking is its placement in the Play Store's Top Charts; it's fallen over a hundred places from its high point at first place.

screenshot_20160914-155442 screenshot_20160914-155200

left: Peep the 10 million downloads. right: Sitting pretty at 127th. Also, screw #129.

Even though Duo had risen to the number one free app in the Play Store just two days after its launch, it's since plummeted to 127th place, sandwiching it between the popular mobile game Clash of Clans and the McDonald's app. It seems like the momentum it gained from all the hype it received has run out.

Those who use it seem to like it, though. Duo has a rating of 4.4 stars on the Play Store, which isn't bad at all when compared to competitors like Hangouts at 3.9 stars and Skype at 4.1 stars. In addition, Rita thought quite highly of it in her review.

Google Duo
Google Duo
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