The lads and lasses on the open source CyanogenMod Team continue to bring their Android nightly ROMs to phones and tablets that have long been abandoned by uncaring manufacturers. This week a handful of new devices get builds for CM13, based on code from Android 6.0. All of them are nightlies (so possibly not ready for primetime), but I'll bet their respective users are happy to get the attention anyway. Here they are:

Most of these devices had previous CM versions available, though some of them not for some time. The Aquaris M5 is the only new entrant. The Moto X and Xperia Z are particularly notable, since they're older flagship phones that haven't gotten any new updates from their manufacturers in a long time. SHIELD Tablet owners might want to hold off - NVIDIA takes pride in keeping its devices on the latest software, and the tablet is already running Marshmallow. I wouldn't be surprised to see an official Nougat OTA in the next couple of months.

As always, you'll need some kind of custom recovery in order to flash the ROM file, and be sure to grab a copy of Gapps if you want the Play Store and other Google services.