We love on-sale games and apps here at Android Police, and we've got another two for you, with LapseIt Pro on sale for 0.10 in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Australia, and Russia, while Motorsport Manager is available for the same price worldwide.

LapseIt is a camera app which makes creating timelapses and stop-motion videos easy. In my testing, although I found the UI a little... cumbersome, the timelapses the app creates are excellent. The gap between each independent frame can be changed, in either milliseconds, seconds, or minutes - the default is set to 2 seconds. There's lot of other settings as well, including White Balance, Color effects, Scene Mode options, and even a buggy, in-development Material UI that did not work on my Nexus 6P.

Motorsport Manager, as you may have guessed, is a game whereby you manage your own motorsport team. It has been developed to be as realistic as possible, with the player needing to hire new designers and engineers to beat rivals to the fabled championship. Drivers may kick off if they're not happy, or cause inter-team scuffles with their team-mates. As a big motorsport fan myself, I love this game and the developer, Playsport - which is incidentally working on a fully-fledged PC version, something I am incredibly excited for.

As mentioned above, LapseIt is on sale with 96% off in certain countries in Europe, plus Russia and Australia, while Motorsport Manager is available for 94% off seemingly worldwide. Both are available on Google Play now.

Motorsport Manager Mobile
Motorsport Manager Mobile
Developer: Christian West
Price: Free+