Samsung has partnered with Health Canada (the government agency responsible for consumer safety) to officially begin the Note7 recall in Canada. Note7 owners in Canada can now start the process of swapping out their defective phones. To drive home the importance of trading in the old phones, Samsung and Health Canada have revealed that 70 phones have caught fire in the US alone.

The last time Samsung provided any numbers about defective phones, it was claiming 35 reports. There have been a few high-profile battery fires since then, but double that for the US in just a few weeks pushes the risk of having a defective device a little higher than we expected. That said, Samsung says it has received only one report of a Note7 battery fire in Canada. I'm going to make the unfounded assumption that's because it's cold up there.

Canadians with a Note7 can register at the recall website to begin the process. There were apparently 21,953 of the defective phones sold in Canada before sales were halted. Samsung will swap out all those Note7s for another phone within several days, or owners can wait for a new Note7 to be available.