Rumors of Huawei building a 7" tablet "for Google" were stirred up by serial leaker Evan Blass last week. We've not heard anything more about this alleged device, but suffice it to say that the hype is real for this thing. The original Nexus 7 was as beloved as it was horribly flawed, though its 2013 successor remedied many of those ills. And much can be said of why the Nexus 7 was popular - it was "the right size," a good combination of value and performance, and one of the few tablets running stock Android. But all of that pales in comparison to the one thing that made the Nexus 7 such a hit: it was damn cheap.

It could have been an eight or nine-inch tablet, it could have used a four-thirds aspect ratio, it could have been bright red with green polka-dots - as long as the base model was still around $200-230, it wouldn't have mattered. The Nexus 7 was a commodity-grade tablet that allowed a huge number of people to experience the latest version of Android without having to take the risk or unlocked expense of making a Nexus phone their daily driver. It helped that the 7" 16:10 canvas meant that "stretched" phone apps didn't look awful, because they were essentially just being blown up a couple of inches. But I maintain that the Nexus 7 was above all else about the two-Benjamin-and-change entry fee.

So, if Huawei is working on a new Nexus/Pixel tablet, what could it look like? 4GB of RAM and a 7" display (released by the end of the year, supposedly) are all we have for now. Would you buy one? At what price? Vote in the poll below and discuss in the comments.

Would you buy a new Nexus/Pixel 7? How much would you be willing to pay?

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