Earlier in the year, Paranoid Android made a comeback with a clean, well-built ROM and support for a number of Nexus and OnePlus devices. Since then, they've only updated the ROM three times, but they've all included a significant amount of changes. Now, thanks to a PA-Nextbit partnership, the ROM is available for the Nextbit Robin. In addition, the OnePlus 3's ROM has been updated with some new features.

This release is only for the Nextbit Robin and OnePlus 3.


  • Added switch to last app button action
  • Added custom routines to maximize performance on kryo devices
  • Improved system wide performance
  • Improved battery life
  • Stability fixes for Quick Settings
  • Various improvements and fixes for the Camera app
  • Fixed a few encryption issues
  • Other various bug fixes and improvements

OnePlus 3

  • Added DASH charging indicator
  • Added full support for VoLTE
  • Improved power management during the dexopting
  • Improved Camera quality
  • Improved GPS
  • Improved audio platform and quality
  • Improved memory management
  • Improved resolution for graphic textures
  • Reduced power consumption in specific cases
  • Fixed camera flash issues
  • Fixed internal issues relating to the display driver
  • Fixed a device specific issue with encryption
  • Fixed Camera app crash when trying to access settings
  • Fixed Wifi Hotspot functionality
  • Various other minor improvements

The OnePlus 3 receives an absolutely massive amount of fixes and feature additions with this release. VoLTE support, improved camera quality, and improved GPS are among the biggest changes, but there are a bunch more.

The Paranoid Android team prides themselves on having stable ROMs, and they've already got a few devices running early versions of PA on Nougat. While they will eliminate a few of the ROM's features due to similar ones being built into Nougat, they plan to add even more in the future.