While there might be lots of changes afoot in Nest behind closed doors, the company is continuing to push its products and release improvements to make them more desirable and try to be profitable for its parent Alphabet. Today brings a lot of news from Nest, both in terms of new products and new features.

First, Nest Thermostat is getting 3 new color variations with new materials. There's a white one, which Nest isn't too eager to describe. Then a black color with carbon coating containing pure silicon, carbon, and titanium, which makes it resistant to scratches and oily fingers. And finally a copper one forged with steel for durability and style. You can grab these color variants from the Nest Store.

nest-thermostat-white nest-thermostat-black nest-thermostat-copper

Second, the Nest Cam Outdoor, which was announced in July, is now available for sale for $199. It's quite similar to Nest's indoor security camera, only it's meant to withstand rain and snow in order to last outdoors. However, keep in mind that it uses a magnetic mount and a visible cable (which isn't rated for in-wall use), which might make it a lot more vulnerable to thieves than other brands of outdoor security cameras. The Cam Outdoor is up for sale on Amazon, Best Buy, the Nest Store, B&H, Newegg, and more. Some of these still haven't updated their expected ship date, but it does look like at least the Nest Store has it in stock now.

Third, when Nest announced the Cam Outdoor, it said that it was improving its algorithms to not only detect motion and sound, but also differentiate human presence. That is coming now to Nest Aware subscribers. Person alerts will let you know if your Cam is sure it's a person or just suspects it might be.

Additionally, an update to the Nest app (which still hasn't rolled out on Android) will bring Sightline, an updated timeline that lets you quickly skim through past recordings and highlights key moments by activity zone.

And finally, the nicest news of them all: every Cam owner gets 3 hours of free history, even if they don't have a Nest Aware subscription. This lets you access the same Sightline and snapshots of important events that subscribers get, but for the cool price of nothing. 3 hours is super short, but I guess it's something... At least it could lure non-subscribers to check what they're missing and maybe start paying Nest for 10 or 30 days of history.

The Nest app was just updated to v5.7 with the following changelog:

We have several new camera features.
- Person alerts let you know when your camera spots a person [Nest Aware subscription required].
- Sightline offers a new way to experience your Nest Cam or Dropcam in the Nest app.
- You can review 3 hours of activity history.
- With a Nest Aware subscription, quickly review up to 30 days in one time-lapse.
We’ve also fixed bugs and made some UI updates.
Having troubles with your Nest? Get help at http://nest.com/help.

Developer: Nest Labs Inc.
Price: Free