Dead Zebra makes one of our favorite collectible items as Android fans: mini figurines shaped like our beloved green robot but designed and painted to look like different weird and funny and cute characters. The sixth series is now out on Dead Zebra's site with designs from 9 different artists and a purple theme.

There's, obviously, a solid purple design, aptly named Purple, but also Ben Franklin, Hot Dog (with mini bottles of ketchup and mustard), Amanita with a removable standalone mushroom, Queen and King for the card players, and more. Here are the 13 designs that have been revealed.

There are 3 more, but those are kept under a secret blanket. You can order one random figurine for $9.50 or pick up 16 for $144 to get the case including 14 different models (so there are 2 repetitions) and a guaranteed rare design item - one of the 3 that aren't pictured here.

Andrew is also now selling the soft enamel pins that he took to Comic Con 16 on the site. There are 9 different creatures like Snorpy, Believer, and Karoshi, but also 10 different Android-shaped pins that look just the right mix of adorable and nerdy. I think Botman, Superuser, and Panda are just awesome. Each pin costs $10 individually, but you can buy the whole 10-pack of Android pins for $85.


You can find the Mini Series 06 and the pins at the links below. But even if your love for Android knows no bounds, keep in mind that the new Nexus Pixel phones are coming soon, so you better keep some of your savings for then.