I know how badly you want to be able to use extensions on Chrome for Android, and you maybe skimmed the title of this post thinking this might be it, but I'm sorry to disappoint you. It isn't. Chrome extensions are still limited to desktop versions of the browser, not mobile ones, despite how many prayers we all say each night for the contrary.

But here is what this post is really about. You know how sometimes you may get a link to a Chrome extension either from a search result or while browsing or even from some friend who thinks you'll really enjoy it? You may even follow Artem on Google+ and happen to see his latest share of a useful Chrome extension. In that case, you tap the link, get to the extension's page, and instead of seeing the old "Send myself a reminder" option that only let you email a link to yourself to install later, you now get a cool new "Add to Desktop" button.

chrome-webstore-add-desktop-extension-1 chrome-webstore-add-desktop-extension-2

When you tap it, you're given the option to install said extension onto any browser where you're signed in with your Google account. Awesome, right? Think of it as the opposite of installing Android apps while browsing the Play Store on the desktop: here you're installing Chrome extensions while browsing on mobile.

The only issue is that you still can't browse the Chrome store from your mobile device - you'll see this screen below if you try. So your extensions page links have to come from a Google search or another source (article, chat, social networks, etc). It's an inconvenience, sure, but at least you'll now be able to install extensions you want to check out immediately instead of forgetting them or delaying that until you're at your desk.