If you're reading this site, you probably aren't the target market for the new official Nick Jr. app. But if you have kids, this app might be just the thing to distract your children while doing other tasks. Nickelodeon's sister channel, Nick Jr., finally has its own app available on Android and iOS.

The app features full-length episodes of recent Nick Jr TV shows for free, with hundreds of additional episodes available by signing in with your TV provider. If your child's attention span isn't quite that long, there's also a healthy selection of smaller clips to enjoy, including exclusive content. The Nick Jr. app itself has audio instructions and very simple navigation, so your child shouldn't be stuck in some settings menu after a while.

And hey, if you happen to watch Nick Jr yourself, that's alright by me. Blue's Clues is still great as long as we're talking about the old Steve. You can download the app for free from the handy-dandy widget below.

Nick Jr. - Shows & Games
Nick Jr. - Shows & Games
Developer: Nickelodeon
Price: Free