Android Pay is spreading. If you manage your finances with a big bank, chances are you can make payments by tapping your phone against a payment terminal -- yes, even if you use Chase. If you do your banking with a smaller institution, you may have to cross your fingers.

Fortunately, every month or two that passes by brings with it another batch of supported banks and credit unions. 44 banks in the US and Australia gained Android Pay in mid-August. Now we're in the first week of September, and you can add over 30 more.

So maybe today's the day you no longer have to carry around that extra credit or debit card. Here's the list. Good luck.

Newly Supported Banks and Credit Unions:

  1. Apple Federal Credit Union
  2. Associated School Employees Credit Union
  3. Athens State Bank
  4. Bank of the West
  5. C&F Bank
  6. Carson Bank
  7. Commodore Perry Federal Credit Union
  8. Community West Credit Union
  9. Connected Credit Union
  10. Core Bank
  11. Directions Credit Union
  12. Fox Communities CU
  13. Jackson Community FCU
  14. JD Bank
  15. Kitsap Credit Union
  16. Maine Family Federal Credit Union
  17. Maine State Credit Union
  18. Midland National Bank
  19. Miramar Federal Credit Union
  20. Montgomery Bank
  21. NorState Federal Credit Union
  22. Partners 1st Federal Credit Union
  23. People's Choice Federal Credit Union
  24. Radius Bank
  25. Rogue Credit Union
  26. Royal Credit Union
  27. San Antonio Credit Union
  28. Service Credit Union
  29. Southern Mass Credit Union
  30. State Bank of Southern Utah
  31. Tonawanda Valley FCU
  32. United Bank
  33. University Credit Union
  34. Utilities Employees Credit Union