Samsung has officially initiated a global recall of its Note7 smartphone due to a tiny number of devices that may have defective batteries that could cause the device to self-immolate. The Note7 is a hugely prominent smartphone around the world, and part of a franchise well-loved by enthusiasts and regular consumers alike. Samsung's larger solution in the recall is to replace customers' smartphones with new ones - a costly fix indeed - and would generally make consumers whole in the process. As responses go, Samsung has been swift and cautious, and I'm not sure much more could be asked of them in this scenario. They really are taking this quite seriously.

Nonetheless, the defect's existence in the first place may have changed perceptions about the Samsung brand and its smartphones. Has Samsung's response actually made you more trusting in the brand, or has the issue's existence diminished or otherwise confirmed your perceptions of them as a company? Has it made any difference at all?

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How has the Note7 recall affected your likelihood of considering a Samsung phone?

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