With Bluetooth speakers so common these days, it is pretty easy to find one that fits in almost every price bracket. One of the more popular ones that I see around my hometown is the UE Roll line, due in no small part to its portability and water resistance (Colorado folks like to go outside, what can I say). The Roll 2 brought some improvements, including a longer range and louder output than its predecessor, but it maintained the utter simplicity that makes this speaker iconic. Coupled with the UE Roll app, you can set up an alarm, adjust EQ settings, remotely power on the device, and connect up to three phones to it.

On Amazon today, you can get this for $20 off, totaling $79.99 before any shipping or relevant taxes. The deal is good on all four colors of the device, which is nice for some choice options. As for how long this deal will last, I cannot say. So don't wait too long if this is something that catches your fancy.