T-Mobile Tuesdays program has had its fair share of hiccups, but all things considered, getting stuff for free every week is better than getting nothing. Next Tuesday (September 6th) will bring a partnership with Subway that will allow every T-Mobile Tuesdays participant to pick up a free 6-inch oven-roasted chicken sub from Subway. The usual partnerships with Wendy's (free small Frosty), Lyft ($15 ride credit), and VUDU (free movie rental) will continue for Tuesday the 6th.

In addition to the free sub, participants will be eligible to win free Subway sandwiches for a year. The partnership with Subway is not a one-time thing; Subway will be added to T-Mobile's roster of regular Tuesdays sponsors, joining Wendy's, Lyft, and VUDU. Another future regular sponsor will be Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants.

The Tuesday after that (September 13th) will bring an offer from PetSmart to promote a National Adoption Weekend event that all stores will be involved in. We don't yet know what PetSmart's free/discounted thing will be.

Past items given away through T-Mobile Tuesdays have included T-Mobile t-shirts, free movie tickets through Fandango, free data for Pokémon GO, shares of T-Mobile (TMUS) stock, and of course, Domino's pizza. Hopefully, this free food offer doesn't end up the same way that the last major one did.