In a Google Duo world, do you really want to fire up an old-fashioned video chat? Facebook figures your answer is 'prolly not,' so it's simplifying the experience inside of Messenger. This change is called Instant Video.

Facebook Messenger's new approach to video calls doesn't do away with the video calling icon. But now when you tap it at the top corner of an active conversation, you start sharing video instantly, and audio is off by default.

Video will float on top of your text conversation, so you can view and text at the same time. Another key difference between existing video-sharing? Friends don't have to send video back if they don't want.

Facebook Messenger originally gained video calling in April of last year. One user would initiate a call, and the other had to accept. If you've used a VoIP video app since Skype, you're familiar with this experience.

To use Instant Video, you and your contact need to both have the latest version of the app installed. After that, have at it.