Do you have a dollar? You do?! Great. You should spend that dollar on an eCandy solid aluminum phone stand. Why? Because a dollar bill can't hold up your phone on your nightstand or desk and this little guy can (ok, origami fanatics, feel free to prove me wrong)!

The stand normally sells for $5.99 so you are saving 5 bucks. That's purty darn good folks. I bought one of these stands last time it was on sale and I love it. It holds my Nexus 6P in a tender sweet embrace every night as I sleep. It's like a wee little crib for my phone. Which is appropriate, since my 6P is practically one of my babies.

To get the discount, simply enter the code 6GZKNB8B at checkout at Amazon. Keep in mind that the discount only applies on the silver color stand and you must purchase through the seller eCandyDirect. That's it guys, go spend your dollars before the deal dies.