In February, Snapchat introduced a way for anyone to create custom geofilters for events such as birthdays or weddings (or almost anything else, really). Until now, creating a filter required at least a minimal level of mastery of tools such as Photoshop, so the feature wasn't truly accessible to many users. To address this, Snapchat has designed several templates that make it easy for anyone to make their own geofilter through Snapchat's website.


Snapchat has also updated their app with a few new features. Users can change the style of caption text by highlighting it and summoning the pop-up menu, and it's now possible to animate caption text in video Snaps too. Additionally, using Lenses requires a single tap on your face instead of a long press. The full changelog is shown below.

Improved captions!
* Highlight caption text for italic, bold and underlined styles.
* Animate big captions on top of your Snaps! Just press and hold to pin a big caption on a video Snap.
* Tap your face once to use Lenses!

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Adding text styles and animated text

You can download the updated version of the app from the widget below.

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free+