Sonos and Spotify may not be exclusive, but they are in a relationship. Last year we watched a Sonos app update gain Spotify radio integration. Soon Spotify will add the ability to manage Sonos speakers from inside the Spotify mobile app. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. That's how some relationships work.

The feature is available now in an alpha form, and as that would suggest, the experience isn't yet reliable. Spotify says the public beta update won't arrive until October. Even then, you may experience some bugs.

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For now, you Spotify Premium-using Sonos sound system owners have something else to look forward to in the months ahead. And if you don't use Spotify? Well, maybe Sonos's other lovers will learn how to do this too.

Speaking of Sonos's many partners, add Amazon's Alexa to the list. The service will soon provide its own way to control your sound system using voice commands. The integration works with Alexa-powered devices such as the Amazon Echo and the Echo Dot. And that's that. Alexa, play us out.

Sonos S1 Controller
Sonos S1 Controller
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