SwiftKey is getting back to normal. It all started with a bug that led to people receiving personalized suggestions for other users, which caused SwiftKey to temporarily shut down its sync servers. While sync came back pretty quickly, it only provided predictions for regular words, not more complex items like email addresses and phone numbers. A final fix with support for emails and phone numbers hit SwiftKey Beta last week and today it has made its way to the stable.

The developers say the app will need to relearn these items before suggesting them, but in our testing it has been suggesting familiar email addresses without having typed them in beforehand. Whether or not SwiftKey needs to learn them may depend on whether the addresses/numbers are in your contacts or something similar.

These suggestions won't return until you update the app, which is now at v6.4.1.49, up from v6.4.1.46. Here's the updated portion of the changelog:

  • Sync service fixed
  • Number, email and other predictions containing '@' are turned back on. All previously learned number, email and @ predictions have been deleted but can now be relearned

This update does not have all the changes on the current version of SwiftKey Beta, so this clearly was a priority over and above the typical development schedule.

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