Google updated the Photos app a few months ago to add proper support for burst images, and it looks like the web version has now done the same. We're not sure when this happened, but the change seems to have gone mostly unnoticed. So, we're just letting you know.

Pics taken in burst mode and auto-uploaded to Photos will include a tag in the file name that identifies them as part of a burst. Photos on the web is now smart enough to stack these pics together with a little icon in the corner telling you how many photos are in the stack (see above). This should work on any phone that has burst functionality.

When you open the burst stack, all the images appear as slides at the bottom. You can copy individual photos into the main library, delete all pics other than the one you're looking at, and create animations. This appears to be live for everyone, so it's probably been around for a couple weeks at least.

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  • Артём Сивцов