Students are heading back to school. That means phones are leaving the careful confines of home and venturing back out into the world... Okay, I was going to insert a joke about nerds not leaving the house over the summer, but this year, this happened, so I'm just going to move on.

OnePlus is offering a Back to School sale on accessories, where it's taking up to 70% off prices. The simple OnePlus X clear case is down from $8.99 to $2.70. The more expensive OnePlus 3 protective case is now $17.96, a drop from $49.95.

It's not all about cases. You can find screen protectors and the Dash power bundle, which includes a power adapter and USB Type C cable for $31.42 (rather than $34.90).

Screenshot from 2016-08-30 14-37-52

There's nothing in here for the original OnePlus One, but the iPhone sandstone case makes an appearance. You know, because that has always made sense.