Qi wireless charging isn't on many 2016 flagships, but it's still an awesome thing to have. The ability to plunk down your phone when you go to sleep and wake up to a fully charged device doesn't sound like much, but it's a godsend when you're tired. Now, you can pick a Choetech USB Type-C wireless charger up for just $9.99 with a coupon code.

You might be wondering why you'd want a wireless charger that uses a USB-C cable; after all, the new standard's major selling points are reversibility and data transfer speed, both of which don't really matter for wireless chargers. However, consider a phone like the Galaxy Note7—it comes with both Qi wireless charging and a Type-C port. If you're a Note7 owner who can't live without wireless charging and travels frequently, you'll only need to bring one USB-C cable and this Choetech wireless charger on your trips. If you bring any other wireless charger, you'll also have to lug a microUSB cable around. Annoying, right?

There's also the fact that $9.99 is pretty cheap for any wireless charger, and you'll also get a USB Type-C cable (it's still difficult to find a good one). Currently, we only have a code for the 7.5W charger, but we'll update this article if we snag any codes for the 10W fast charger. Update: 10W fast charger code available.

Unfortunately, you'll have to wait until September 15th for the charger to ship, but it does come with an 18-month warranty.