Android developer extraordinaire Chainfire has worked his magic again, releasing a new beta of SuperSU with support for the Galaxy Note7. There are a few caveats though, mostly due to new Samsung security measures inherent in the kernel, stopping Chainfire from using his usual exploits and instead having to apply workarounds.

In short, Chainfire says that Samsung has applied new built-in protection methods directly to the kernel. Any time a 'privileged' process that has a uid/gid value equal to or below 1000, it causes the device to kernel panic, meaning it immediately reboots. As most root processes have a value below 1000, the device restarts as expected, causing headaches for both users and developers. This is obviously bad news since it would seem at first glance that the Note7 isn't rootable, but Chainfire says it is a "fairly useless protection exploit-wise." He's employed a workaround, patching the kernel check when the SuperSU systemless boot image is created.

Chainfire says he isn't sure how long this will last - Samsung could update it and block it off, or it could be left open. The developer also says that since the Galaxy S and Note series are developed closely together, we should expect this to be applied to the S7, and presumably the S8 when released next year.

SuperSU 2.77 beta is available for download over at XDA-Developers, while a TWRP flashable ZIP is available on Chainfire's site. CF-Auto-Root is not available yet as what Chainfire has tried has not worked, so he is waiting to get a device in-hand before he makes it available.