A few weeks ago, we reported that Android's navbar may be getting solid keys rather than the hollow versions found on Marshmallow and below. Nougat is here now and there are no white buttons, but we're still waiting for the new Nexus phones, plus a maintenance release slated to be Android 7.1. LG, though, seems to think the solid look is the way forward.

The video in the tweet above features some of Nougat's new features, such as quick reply, quick switching, and splitscreen multitasking. We already knew the LG V20 was going to be the first phone to ship with Nougat, but what's interesting here is the filled-in white nav bar buttons. It doesn't confirm anything - LG might have just chosen that style for their skin - but it does add further evidence to the theory that Android's navigation buttons may be changing at some point in the near future. Or maybe LG just chose this style for the video because it suited the look.

It's not known whether the V20 will ship with 7.0 Nougat or 7.1 (presumably the former), but whatever happens, it's another piece in a puzzle that is far from being completed. The LG V20 will go on sale in September and will be the first phone to ship with the latest version of Android.

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