Maserati, Italian manufacturer of cars for people who want something more expensive than a Jaguar but not quite as pricey as a Lambo, has been on the official Android Auto support for a while now. But before this week, there hasn't been any actual availability from the company. Three models were added to the official Auto list on Thursday: the Levante crossover and the Ghibli and Quattroporte sedans. Only the Granturismo coupe is not getting access.

Unfortunately, details are sparse. The Android Auto list on Google's site added the three models, but didn't say which year models would be upgraded - presumably the 2017 model year (which usually gets announced and released in the fall), but since at least some of those models are already available, it might be 2018 before we actually see the Android Auto system included or offered as an option. There's also no telling whether or not the older models can be upgraded, as some other manufactures have already done.

It's worth noting that Google chose Maserati as a demonstration car for the awesome fully-integrated, giant-sized Android Auto concept from back at Google I/O, complete with a 4K touchscreen, Android N, and a separate screen for the gauge cluster. Don't get your hopes up, though: that one-off system is unlikely to come in a production vehicle anytime soon. Audi's 2017 A5 Coupe and 2017 R8 were added to the Auto list along with Chevy's Cruze hatchback, but both those manufacturers had already committed to the platform.

The Android Auto page has been updated once again, this time specifying that it's the 2017 model of all three cars that are being offered with the system.