Okay, so the G5's modular design hasn't set the world on fire in quite the manner that LG probably hoped it would. But aside from some of the foibles of its unique form factor, it's still a high-end flagship device with some of the latest specs and a great camera. And if you chop the original retail price down, it turns into a pretty good deal. Such is the case with this eBay listing, which is selling the international model of the G5 for just $399.99.

There are a couple of caveats here: one, it is the international version, so it lacks LTE band 12 support. That means that while the phone is GSM unlocked and will work on AT&T and T-Mobile, large portions of the latter's extended LTE network will be unavailable to this particular model. That's not a big deal if you were planning on using AT&T or one of the MVNOs that use its network. But since the phone is being sold outside of its intended market, it isn't covered by the traditional manufacturer warranty. That might give prospective buyers pause. (Remember, it's always possible to buy a third-party warranty.)

The phone on sale is new, not refurbished, and at the time of writing gold, silver, and "Titan" grey colors are still available. Shipping is free to the US, with an extra charge for a long list of other countries all over the world. The seller claims that the price is $200 off of retail, which is broadly true - AT&T still wants $688 for its carrier-branded version, for example. But we've seen the G5 on sale before, and T-Mobile is selling its version (which obviously does support band 12) for just a hundred dollars more at the moment.

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