God bless its heart, Microsoft is trying hard to keep its apps updated and interesting on Android. Some of them are quite popular (50M downloads and above) while others like Bing Search are... hanging on. But that's not for lack of effort.

In the latest Bing update, there are quite a few nice video features being sprinkled in. You can preview videos inline (with sound off) in the search results. You can also tap videos after doing a music search to play them synchronously with the lyrics. And there is a new way to discover videos related to the one you're watching.

The app also added a music shortcut for the Android homepage and improvements in the live camera search (with support for the front-facing one). Here's the changelog followed by a link to Bing Search on the Play Store.


• Music: Search for a song that's playing (or just type the name of a song), then play the video while following along with the lyrics. Also, with the new Music shortcut on the homepage, it becomes even easier to get into trending songs, and discover trending artists.
• Video preview: Previews start playing automatically with sound off on video search
• Related video: Discover more video clips related to the video you watch
• Camera search now supports flash, zoom, and front facing camera

Microsoft Bing Search
Microsoft Bing Search