Android N still isn't officially released yet, but that hasn't stopped HTC from trying to grab some attention and get its time in the limelight during I/O's news cycle. The company announced through its official Twitter account that Android N will come to three of its existing devices.

Were you expecting any of these not to get N? No. The One M9 will be around a year and a half old by the time N is revealed, the One A9 will be approximately a year old, and the HTC 10 is newer than new. All three should get Android N, but it's good to see HTC confirm it.

The tweeted image contains a bit of a fine-print at the bottom saying that both timing and additional devices will be announced later this year when N is shipped to manufacturers in its final form. So all hope is not lost for other devices in HTC's portfolio.

Now that Android 7.0 Nougat is out, HTC has shared again its plans to roll it out to the 10, One A9, and One M9, with a small additional detail: the Unlocked HTC 10 will get it first in Q4 2016, followed by the unlocked One M9, One A9, and then the carrier versions of these phones. It's not much to go on, but at least it tells you not to expect anything before October.